HT CORTECO range is a monocomponent silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature.


It is mainly intended for professional customers as a flexible bonding agent to provide sealing, bonding and protection, etc. Its elongation/break properties allow it to absorb significant differential dilatation movement.

    •  Sealing & Bonding in industrial sector

    •  Bonding of HCR silicones

    •  General servicing and maintenance applications in various sectors:

        In automotive, chemicals, industry, aeronautic...


    •  Good dielectric properties

    •  Adhesion to many surfaces

    •  Resists water and humidity

    •  Quick curing

    •  High elongation break

Adhesion properties

Primerless self-adhesion on: glass, enamel, ceramics, epoxy paint, polyester, certain metals. Avoid too humid heat conditions for best results on metal and polyester.