CORTECO® engine transmission and chassis mounts turn noise and vibration into smooth and comfortable driving conditions.

Freudenberg® is one of the leading manufacturers for vibration control rubber-to-metal parts and advanced technology solution such as the decoupled pulley.

Based on our global Freudenberg Group expertise in OE technology, CORTECO® is able to offer an extensive range of vibration control products for more than 27,500 articles of items.

CORTECO® product range for vibration control:
•  Engine/transmission mounts in hydraulic and solid version
•  Decoupled crankshaft pulleys and torsional vibration dampers
•  Chassis bushings in hydraulic and solid version
•  Suspension strut mounts
•  Torque strut mounts
•  Flexible discs
•  Propeller shaft bearings
•  Traverse control arm mountings
•  Carburetor flange
•  Guide bushing
•  Lay shaft mounts