Transmission Kits

Global high-quality transmission components

Transtec transmission kit use the production process of the group company Freudenberg and NOK to ensure the quality and reliability of Transtec transmission products. Transtec high-quality transmission components have always provided excellent products and services to mainstream automotive original equipment manufacturers around the world.

- Provide customers with professional solutions
Thanks to our control over details, standardized production, and innovative solutions, using TransTec transmission kits for remanufacturing can make your product more competitive in the market. TransTec ensures that your remanufactured products have unparalleled advantages.

- Provide you with reliable and high-quality products
As a department of Freudenberg-NOK (Transmission Original Parts Supplier), our transmission kits contain a higher proportion of original parts compared to other aftermarket parts suppliers. Other brands of repair kits cannot replicate the more authentic factory parts that our repair kits can provide.

- Provide customer with a kit with high model coverage
As the original supplier of transmission components, Freudenberg-NOK has real-time access to detailed data on global new vehicle production, providing Transtec with exclusive and visionary transmission applications and promoting new technologies in the market. We are able to master these new applications in the post automotive market 2-4 years ahead of our competitors, while pushing our products to the market 4-6 years ahead of them. Our kits cover 92% of transmission models, so we can prioritize providing you with kit earlier.

- Fully applicable Transmission products
Tonone, The second development process of Transtec with the help of resources provided by our parent company Freudenberg NOK, ensures that each transmission kit includes all the necessary seals for a complete kit. Our transmission expert team conducts extensive application research using electronic parts databases, operating experience service manuals, and genuine operating experience toolkits and components. We still have 100% time and energy to decompose the execution units to analyze the changes, challenges, weaknesses, design, and functionality of the application.