NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) is an equal-share joint venture between NOK Corporation (Japan) and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Germany) serving the high-growth Chinese market with locally-produced and imported seals. The joint venture supplies numerous European, US, Japanese and Chinese customers in the automotive and general industry sectors in China.

In cooperation with the partners NOK Corporation (Japan), Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Europe) and Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies (USA), the locally-manufactured product range is continuously expanded in line with market requirements. Market success is based on those factors which also account for the success of the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies / NOK Corporation network in other regions, namely technological leadership and quality.


Production and sales of seals for the automotive industry such as oil seals, valve stem seals, bellows, dust covers, O-rings, gaskets, membranes, bonded piston seals, plug & seals and liquid silicon seals. The product range also includes seals for general mechanical engineering applications such as hydraulic and pneumatic seals or seals for washing machines as well as for the electronic industry which are either produced in China or imported from Europe, North America or Japan.


NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) serves customers in china with three production sites including Changchun NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co.,Ltd, Wuxi NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co.,Ltd. and Taicang NOK-Freudenberg Sealing Products Co., Ltd.


NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) boasts a 3,000-strong workforce. We recognize that our hard working and dedicated employees are the driving force behind our success. They are our valuable assets. We are committed to providing our local recruits proper training that will open up their career prospects and advancement. Besides offering our employees top of the line benefits, we also ensure they work in a safe environment and a pleasant company culture centered on mutual respect.